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Who we are

The first company that originated the Group was started at the end of the 19th. Century in Argentina by an Italian immigrant from Northern Italy. The Group is now 113 years old and is today managed by the 4th generation of descendants of the founder.

Since its foundation the Group became a supplier to industry, and throughout the last century it grew, through different stages and in different industrial fields, with the aim of becoming a genuine total solution provider to the problems and challenges of industry, adapting our activities to the advances that continually mark the march of progress.

11 years ago, and encouraged and promoted by several of our principals, we opened a Brazilian branch which has evolved, guided by the same philosophy of the parent company, into an important player in that market.

Today the Group employs today more than a 100 persons, most with professional training. It is made up by seven business units, four in Argentina and three in Brazil, and although independent, these units provide machine tools, metrology equipment, addictive technology, automation, customized machines and machine learning

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