We specialize in Digital Solutions


Offers artificial intelligence and big data to industrial processes. The company applies sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence models, transforming vast sums of data into readable information to elevate the levels of productivity ,quality and efficiency of industrial processes.

SINAPSIS helps organizations to develop the necessary capacities to use, enrich and protect their information.

“The fourth industrial revolution changes th eway organizations perform their operations. Data takes an active role and becomes a key factor to optimize the business”


Together with Moltech, we implement assential solutions of automatization for the industry. We interconnect machines, tools, pre-existing devices and incorporate new sources of data (sensors) that the necessary to monitor and control every single production line.


We offer simple and innovate solutions to complex problems. We are able to reduce costs, increase the levels os productivity, quality, efficiency and help optimize the decision making process by applying a combination of sophisticated algorithms and developing custom AI (Arificila Intelligenece) models based on the information provided by each organization.


We transform large volumes of dato into information and help every organization to manage their new asset. We develop and implemnet solutions that allow the capitalization of information, therefore facilitating their better utilization snd the decision making process in the real time.

Since 1906 serving the industry
in South America

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