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Who we are

The Molgroup is made up by a group of companies affiliated to provide technological solutions, to a varied number of industrial and commercial projects. It has offices in the principal South American markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Its corporate headquarter is in Montevideo, Uruguay, a location chosen based on its ease to attend all its markets, the quality of services and facilities available, and its solid reputation of stability, currency and economic coherence and respect of the law.

The group originated in the beginning of the 20th. Century in Argentina, and gradually evolved and expanded to other markets, notably Brazil, Chile, Colombia and, until the Chaves-Maduro governments, Venezuela.

Its range of activities is varied and extensive, developing, from its origin as a supplier of machine tools and industrial supplies, to its present activities, which comprise, among others, the sale and service of manufacturing machinery and processes, in some cases design and manufacture of special equipment, as well as projects involving automation, additive technology, customized machines and machine learning.

It has commercial links of representation and technical interchange with first class world leaders in each of these fields.

With a staff of more than 150 employees, most of them qualified technicians with training in the factories of the group principals, it lists among its costumers, major automobile and farm machinery manufacturers, energy producers, both fossill, hydraulic and eolic and its distribution, and a vast number of companies in the engineering, medical, information and communication industries, among many other.

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